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"We can now spend our time doing the things that we need to do to run our own business. I would recommend SON, to any company that wants to focus on their business rather than their network."
Robert W. Fish, President
Responsive Data Systems


Rob Fish Testimonial

Client: Responsive Data Systems (RDS)
Business: Software Development
Principal: Robert W. Fish
Phone: (650) 508-1155
Homepage: www.rdscorp.com
Location: Belmont, California
Years in Business: Since 1977
Years as S.O.N. Client: 5
S.O.N. Services: Remote IT support

RDS designs and delivers point-of-sale software applications for businesses in hard goods industries. Their business is heavily dependant upon their ability to communicate with their client’s locations 24/7. Prior to finding Small Office Networks (S.O.N.) RDS did their own I.T. support.

Rob Fish told us that he used to have a “self-fix” network. He personally maintained their servers and networks while managing his core business… software development. Rob had to debug problems and coordinate vendors’ interaction himself. This was a time consuming process and the opportunity costs were high.

Referring to his infrastructure he said, “We had a Win2K server. When it ran it was OK, when it didn’t it took an inordinate amount of time to fix.” Rob describes his decision to switch to S.O.N. for remote I.T. support as a “great change.” Rob continued on to say that S.O.N has allowed me “to free my time up. To focus upon the product I provide, to focus on customers.”

Rob told us that he immediately saw benefits with S.O.N. because it gave RDS “a resource that I could call for any issue.” Keeping their server up and running, automated data backups, and solving e-mail issues meant he “didn’t have to call individual vendors when there were issues.”

When asked to describe S.O.N. Rob used the analogy “When I get on a plane I’m not worrying about flying the plane.” He continued the analogy, “Most times you really don’t need a pilot, but when you do you need a really good one.” Rob considers S.O.N. to be that good pilot when things go really wrong. Describing our services he said, “It’s kind of like an insurance policy, you hope you don’t need it but it’s good to know it’s there if you do.”

Rob shared this story about how S.O.N. came through for RDS in a pinch. “Not too long after choosing S.O.N. we switched from SBC to Sprint for DSL service. Shortly thereafter we received an email from Sprint saying they were exiting the DSL business in forty-five days. We decided to go back to SBC and placed the order. Forty-five days later our DSL service was down and SBC had lost the installation order. We were out of business. All our developers were connected to us via the Internet so they were all down too.” A S.O.N. engineer went to Rob’s location and immediately setup our Hydrogen Server. “He created an environment where all six of my programmers were able to continue to do their work.” Rob concluded by saying, ““They (S.O.N.) have come through on all of the issues that have come up.”

Rob’s top three reasons for using S.O.N. are:

  • “Competence…the competency level is definitely there!”
  • “Willingness to jump-in and help.”
  • “Value for the dollar is strong.”

When queried if S.O.N.’s has helped Rob serve his clients better he stated, “Yes.” “Access to customer’s services through the web allows us to solve customer issues faster.” He also stated that the redundancy built into the S.O.N. solution allows RDS to “jump on day or night and look at their (customer’s) problems.”

When asked to describe S.O.N. in a single phrase Rob said, “Cheap insurance!”

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