"The biggest benefits for Laredo Paint were related to core business functions. You keep our network up, you keep our stores in communication with the host. That's why we bought it... so you would keep us up and running" more...
Tom Addison, President
Laredo Paint & Decorating


Head Quarters: Laredo, TX
Years in Business: Since 1928
Stores: 5
             2 in Laredo, TX
             3 in San Antonio, TX
Years as S.O.N. Client: 2
S.O.N. Serives: Remote IT support



ALLPRO Special

S.O.N. - Small Office Networks


Every dollars worth of goods that's stolen is a dollar out of your pocket. When a bad customer or employee "rips you off" they will do it again and again until they are caught. You've worked too hard to let this happen.

Small Office Networks despises thieves. So we built a solution for those who want to do something to stop them. This is a solution for those concerned about the loss of goods as well as protection against employees who steal your time by not putting in a full day's work.

You're not a technology expert, we know that. So we made our remote surveillance system simple to use and install. If you can plug in a power cord and use an Internet web browser you can use our system. Of course as with all our services we are there to help you every step of the way.

Our S.O.N. Guard System uses the highest resolution wireless remote cameras available and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology to capture any areas of your business that you choose to view. You can control the camera angles and zoom from your PC…from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access.

- Want to prevent shoplifting?
- Want to see what's going on in the warehouse?
- Want to document bad employee behavior?
- Want to avoid bogus slip and fall type lawsuits?

Call S.O.N. today Toll Free: 800-588-6822. We'll help you use technology to cut losses and manage your business better.

*Internet connection required.