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Nurit Robinson Testimonial

Client: Menorah Park
Business: Non-Profit Senior Citizen Housing
Principal: Nurit Robinson
Phone: (415) 929-7912
Homepage: www.menorahpark.com
Location: San Francisco, CA
Years in Business: ???
Years as S.O.N. Client: 2
S.O.N. Services: Remote IT support

Menorah Park is one of San Francisco’s pre-eminent Non-Profit Organizations. Their charter is to help manage the issue of affordable housing for our aging population. Menorah Park’s pristine facility houses approximately ??? residents.

When Nurit Robinson took the helm at Menorah Park as Executive Director she inherited a legacy computer system that was very problematic. When asked about system support and her level of satisfaction Nurit said, “We relied upon a single contractor…a self-educated techie who I inherited. He came as needed and charged by the hour.” Due to his twelve year history with the organization Nurit continued his contract but eventually decided things had to change.

Six months after arriving at Menorah Park Nurit implemented a change from stand-alone software products to an integrated software system. The consultant was “incapable of servicing our computers to keep up with the demands of that program. For about six months we could barely work because our systems would break down. It just wasn’t working and it was incredibly expensive,” Nurit said.

Nurit knew she needed professional support that could deal with complex integration and support issues. She contacted Small Office Networks (S.O.N.).

Nurit told us, when we queried about her satisfaction level, “It’s been a Good change. Leon is more knowledgeable. He has more employees. We’re not dependant upon his good health or availability. I know what I’m paying in advance.”

She added, “We had a year-long problem with a DOS program and he (the former consultant) was unable to fix it. I don’t know what S.O.N. did to fix it but it works. That program is the be-all end-all of this organization and sometimes the entire system was down for three days at a time. Since S.O.N., we have never been down (individual users) for more than a few hours.”

When asked to sum up her feelings about S.O.N. Nurit added, “Though S.O.N.’s not cheap I didn’t feel it was extraordinarily expensive. I didn’t feel like I was getting shafted. I can rely on S.O.N.’s advice and I can trust it.” She continued on to conclude,”We’re small, I want us to remain aware of how we can benefit from technology and S.O.N. is our portal to that. If technology can make our work easier I’m all for that!”

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