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Web based video surveillance

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One of the value-added features included in S.O.N.ís service is the ability to remotely monitor up to 16 locations via the Internet. This means you can watch your entire operation from anywhere in the world. All you need is Internet access to securely log-in via your username and password.

You can prevent shrinkage, monitor employee activity, and assure that your facilities are safe after hours. You can use this technology to observe cash registers, loading docks, or warehouses.

Amazingly this service also allows you to hear whatís going on as well as observing it. All conversations within proximity to the camera will come through loud and clear. You can also talk outward to employees, if you chose to do so, via the same connection and camera.

In a real-world application our cameras allow you full control over their angle and field of view. For this limited feature demonstration the sound, pan, zoom, focus, and lighting adjustments have been disabled so as not to conflict with other users. When fully functional you can easily zoom down to the smallest object and see it with great clarity. The resolution is that crisp.

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