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"The biggest benefits for Laredo Paint were related to core business functions. You keep our network up, you keep our stores in communication with the host. That's why we bought it... so you would keep us up and running" more...
Tom Addison, President
Laredo Paint & Decorating


Head Quarters: Laredo, TX
Years in Business: Since 1928
Stores: 5
             2 in Laredo, TX
             3 in San Antonio, TX
Years as S.O.N. Client: 2
S.O.N. Serives: Remote IT support


Let’s talk about how we can help your business…

Less than 10 years ago the concept of “outsourcing” was unheard of in most companies. Outsourcing is contracting areas where you have no core competency, nor an interest in developing expertise, to specialists for a fee.

Through experience major corporations have learned that transferring labor intensive tasks out of the business is very cost effective…and usually yields better results. Devoting the time, resources, and funds saved to their core business has increased revenues as well as customer satisfaction levels.

Every Fortune 500 Company now outsources some part of their operation. Small business lags far behind in embracing this concept.

At S.O.N. we find it hard to believe that the most dynamic, risk-oriented, entrepreneurially spirited segment of the market has shown little interest in exploring this proven technique. If there was ever a group in need of outsourcing, and one that would benefit most from it financially, it’s small-to-mid companies.

Outsource your costly and time consuming technical support to S.O.N.

Let’s face it, to be successful small businesses must work “smart.” You can’t afford to just throw people at problems. You must find and retain the best employees available but can’t compete financially with “the big boys” for those resources.

Outsourcing is a way for you to “buy” talent you can’t afford to employ directly… or find locally.

Outsourcing I.T support to S.O.N. allows you to “employ” a team of experts that individually would cost you $100K+ per year. We enable small businesses to take advantage of Information Technology experts in a shared resource model.

Technology is an important enabler to your business, but it is NOT your business

Your business relies upon technology to deliver quality products to your clients. It is not however your “core competency.” This means you must rely on others to deliver stable, easy to use technology and keep it working at peak performance.

How do you assure that technology does not become a business disabler?

Some people try to go cheap with a “DIY” approach for technical support. Others pay more than they have to with hourly consultants. Others hire full-time employees who often lack the breadth of skill required to completely support complex multiple technology environments.

This is where we fit in the market. We fill these gaps.

We encourage you to pick up the phone and call with any questions you may have. As an ALLPRO supplier we are committed to helping you analyze your needs… at no charge. If you choose our service we’d be happy. If not, that’s OK too. We simply want to add-value to this great organization and stand ready to help all members as they review their I.T. support needs.

Sincerest Regards,

Leon Gulchin

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